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Sweeney Todd A Cut Above The Rest

Once the audience recovered from their initial shock of hearing Depp singing, the story of Sweeney Todd won the musically indifferent.. Based on an assumed urban legend, Sweeney Todd materialized in a Broadway production and was made into a box-office hit directed Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.
23.1.09 09:08

Miley Cyrus Is Proud Of Barack Obama

After getting an overwhelming ovation, the Disney starlet made his inspired song The Climb , for the first time live with her dad Billy Ray also entered the stage.. Rocking in Washington DC, has Miley Cyru to step Michelle Obama hosted the Kids inaugural: We Are the Future concert at the Verizon Center on Monday night (January 19).
23.1.09 09:08

Kline Dano Holmes And Reilly Join Extra Man

Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (American Splendor) will direct. Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holme and John C. The duo last directed The Nanny Diaries. Kline plays a playwright who does not work as an escort for the rich widow on the Upper East Side. Reilly are set to star in The Extra Man, a comedy that will begin production in February in New York, reports Variety. He developed a mentor-student relationship with a troubled aspiring playwright (Dano). The film is based on a novel by Jonathan Ames; Springer Berman and Pulcini wrote the screenplay with author.
23.1.09 09:08

Tax Dollars Fund Bush Cheney Transition

George W Bush President and Vice President Dick Cheney are each worth millions, but taxpayers will pay up to $ 2.2 million to them to move from their temporary housing in Washington and begin their lives post-administration. Plus, both receive generous government pension packages. Bush is to collect up to $ 366. 000 funded by the taxpayer in benefits for the next eight months, while only obtained his post-presidential feet under him in his new home in Dallas.
23.1.09 09:08

Sarah Palin Quot Renewable Ambition

Sarah Palin called a press conference to announce a future in which, ideally, 50% of Alaska electricity is generated from renewable resources by 2025. What has become of Drill, baby, drillLast week, Alaska Gov. .
23.1.09 09:08

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